Wednesday Wisdom

In October, I transplanted some peonies from my grandmother’s – my mother’s mother – flower bed. She had had them for about 25 years, and she’d always wanted me to take some when I had a place for a flower garden, because she had transplanted them from my Dad’s mom’s flower bed. My paternal grandmother had them in her garden for as long as I can remember, so probably over 30 years.

I was so nervous they wouldn’t make it and conventional gardening wisdom extoled that I not be disappointed if they didn’t bloom this first spring, but they did. They are exquisite. I am completely obsessed with them and cannot believe how much joy they have brought me these past few weeks through their transformation.

But I was talking to my cousin about them last night, and we were lamenting the fact that the blooms don’t last very long. They are so big. It’s like they can’t hold all that gorgeousness for long. Their little stems droop, and the blooms hit the ground and quickly die. You can trim them and bring them indoors, but they don’t last any longer there.

Peonies are little metaphors for life: Be beautiful. Be bold and showy and bring joy to everyone around you even though you’re not here for long. It makes you more beautiful. It’s the fact that I know I won’t have long to enjoy the fragrant beauty of these flowers that brought me so much joy these past two weeks. I need to remember to look at everyone in my life that same way.

You’re beautiful. Your life brings me joy for the beautiful brief time that I have you here. Keep on being your gorgeous self!

Published by MKChurchman

Certified Care Consultant and End of Life Doula Specialist. I offer assistance with end of life planning, elder care, end of life and after death care through my practice Shoji Bridge Departure Doula. My passion is to bring death into the light and inspire my community to be more comfortable with and compassionate to people who are dying. My mission is to be a guide to help people pass through the final barrier on this plane of existence and move gently onto the path to the next.

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