Thanatology Thursday: BUBBLES!!

Way back in September, I wrote a post about vanitas art. At the end, I promised a post on one particular theme in vanitas art, which is a favorite: bubbles. I mean, who doesn’t love bubbles. But, what do these soapy, opalescent orbs have to do with death? Quite simply, there is probably no objectContinue reading “Thanatology Thursday: BUBBLES!!”

Media Monday: What does mass media tell us about death?

This winter I’ve been studying thanatology (study of death and dying and how we deal with it socially, psychologically and through arts and humanities) with a text I bought myself for Christmas. One of the first issues brought up in the text is how society, namely media and the arts makes us think about andContinue reading “Media Monday: What does mass media tell us about death?”