Shoji Bridge Departure Doula charges for services in varying ways. Some services are paid by the hour and some services are provided by other arrangements, depending on types of services provided. Each service and client is different and could depend on whether services require the doula to be on-call, stay overnight, travel a great distance, or other concerns. Shoji Bridge Departure Doula has served the community in a volunteer capacity, as a hospice volunteer and may consider other volunteer or pro-bono situations. Families and individuals contact Care Consultants, Elder Doulas and EOL Doulas as early as when beginning to think about death as a concept, or as late as the beginning of the active dying phase or even after death, if bereavement care is what they are seeking. The individual or family will contract directly with Shoji Bridge Departure Doula and all pricing will be discussed and agreed to before services are rendered. At this time, no third-party or insurance reimburses for departure doula care, because these services are considered elective and are non-medical.


Care Consultant

A Care Consultant is a professional specially trained to help another person through all aspects of Advanced Care Planning by helping clients with subjective information to make informed choices. Did you know 82% of people say that it is important to put their end of life wishes in writing, yet only 23% have done it? It’s the most thoughtful gift you can give your family.

Advance Directives address medical care at end of life, but do you know how you want to live well as you age? Do you want to stay home? Do you expect to live with a family member? Do you know what it might cost to meet the expectations for your future living plans? Likewise, do you know how and where you’d like to die? What the space might look and how it might feel can all be planned in advance.

Advance Directive$250
Living Well Plan – $150
End of Life Plan$20*
Peace of Mind Planner$125
Obituary $40
*Hourly rate

Free 30-minute consultation available.

Elder Care Doula

An Elder Care Doula cares for and assists clients to ensure they lead safe, healthy lives. We provide emotional support, take care of basic housekeeping, prepare meals, remind clients to take medication, help clients engage in activities and social events, and perform other tasks to help clients feel safe and supported.

We can also help begin and complete advance planning, including end of life plans, and peace of mind planning. We can help with writing love letters to leave for your family and friends, make legacy videos, scrapbooks or other remembrances that will help you tell your story and find the value and importance of your well-lived life.

Companionship Care$17*
10 hours a week$165
15 hours a week$240
20 or more hours per week$325
*Hourly rate

Free 30-minute consultation available.

Departure EOL Doula

A departure or end-of-life (EOL) Doula is a non-medical professional that provides physical, emotional, and spiritual support to the client, family, loved ones, friends, and their support networks. A Departure Doula will assist the family with understanding the natural dying process while providing suggestions for comfort and support. This holistic support for the person who is dying and their loved ones will occur before, during, and after death.

Every client and family served is unique and services will be tailored to their individual needs.

Holding Space/ Companionship$17*
Package discounts available
Vigil Services$20*
After Death/ Grief package (30 hours)$350
*Hourly rate

Free 30-minute consultation available.

Everyone deserves the right to a life of quality and a death that meets their wishes. Shoji Bridge offers services to make this possible at any place along the life and death journey. I will work with every client and family to provide that care at a price they can afford.

T. Michelle Churchman, MIS, CEOLD

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