Cycles of Life Women’s Retreat

Co-hosting a one day women’s retreat with this beautiful soul on June 17. Why do you want to be there? Because in a chaotic world that defines success as busyness and overwork, we all need a break. Step away from the routine stress and get a new perspective with a clear head. There are manyContinue reading “Cycles of Life Women’s Retreat”

Better Sleep Month

It’s Better Sleep Month. So far, I’ve gone to bed earlier and gotten up earlier a few times. But it’s a goal I’m striving toward. Also, affirming to myself that I am a morning person to change that mindset. So many things I’m working on between now and my birthday.

What you said

s a departure doula, I help people facing illness, decline, death, dying and loss experiences of all kinds think about what they have learned about themselves and write legacy letters, create ethical wills or complete legacy projects. You shouldn’t wait to begin the journey of self-exploration and compiling your wisdom and advice for the people you love. Knowing your authentic self is the first sep in loving yourself, which is the first step in loving others well and changing the world.

You are the love the world needs

It’s not news that things just seem more and more depressing and disheartening out there. I posted this video a couple weeks ago after yet another mass shooting in the U.S. Only when we can love ourselves can we love others, and it’s what the world needs now. (Thanks, Burt Bacharach!)

Free!! Halloween Themed Laughing Yoga Coming Soon!

It’s my favorite time of year! To celebrate, I’ll be offering FREE community laughing yoga for Halloween. Join me Wednesday, October 26, 7:30 PM Eastern. Wear a costume. Bring a friend. Enjoy some Halloween themed laughing exercises and start the hectic holiday season with some healthy stress relief. Message me or comment for your ZoomContinue reading “Free!! Halloween Themed Laughing Yoga Coming Soon!”

What is happiness anyway?

Defining “happiness” isn’t as simple as looking up the word in the dictionary. Even the dictionary uses the words: “pleasure,” “contentment,” “joy.” What are those? Asking “What is happiness?” is like asking, “What is truth, love, freedom or justice?” It’s an ideal. Intangible. Something we understand when we experience it, and also know when we are missing it. Everyone has their own understanding and definition of it.