Frequently Asked Questions

When should I call an elder care or departure doula? Sooner rather than later. One of the most critical mistakes in having a positive passing is asking for end-of-life support too late.

If I hire Shoji Bridge Departure Doula will I still need hospice care? Yes. Hospice manages the care, and the loved ones do the caring. Hospice, unfortunately, has a very limited time that they can be at the bedside of the dying. Shoji Bridge Departure Doula can help fill that need for more time.

Do Elder Care Doulas and Departure Doulas give any medications or do any hands on care such as nursing or home health aide care? No. Shoji Bridge Departure Doula is a specially trained non-medical​ health care professional for elderly and people who are dying. Shoji Bridge Departure Doula will never make any direct decisions or engage in direct, hands-on care. Shoji Bridge Departure Doula serves as a holistic “guide.”

Do departure doulas only help those actively dying or with a terminal illness? The short answer is: no. Shoji Bridge Departure Doula can be of service to perfectly healthy individuals in search of peace of mind and comfort. Whether you are experiencing anxiety surrounding the topic of death, or simply wish to get prepared well ahead of time, Shoji Bridge offers you assistance.

How are you paid? Shoji Bridge Departure Doula charges for services in varying ways. Some services are paid by the hour and some services are provided by other arrangements, depending on types of services provided. Each service and client is different and whether services require the doula to be on-call, stay overnight, travel a great distance, or other concerns. Shoji Bridge Departure Doula has served the community in a volunteer capacity, as a hospice volunteer and may consider other volunteer or pro-bono situations. The individual or family will contract directly with Shoji Bridge Departure Doula and all pricing will be discussed and agreed to before services are rendered. At this time, no third-party or insurance reimburses for departure doula care. These services are considered elective and are non-medical, so are private pay only.

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Code of Ethics

Integrity ​– An End-of-Life Departure Doula should maintain the highest standards of professional integrity.

Propriety – The community of Departure End-of-Life Doulas is international and as such Departure Doulas must represent themselves with high standards of personal conduct and professionalism . . .

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Scope of Practice

Services Rendered: ​An End-of-Life (EOL) Departure Doula is a non-medical professional that provides physical, emotional, and spiritual support to the client, family, loved ones, friends, and their support networks. A Departure Doula will assist the family with understanding the natural process while providing suggestions for comfort and support. . . .

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Latest News

Community engagement and education are priorities for the practice. Content created to created community engagement include blog posts, news releases, and videos. You can find this information and upcoming events by following any of our social media sites: Instagram, Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, Twitter and You Tube.

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