Motivation for Monday

Not gonna lie, I’ve been feeling a bit unmotivated and frustrated the past week. Between bad weather and deathiversaries, I’ve been in my feelings and a bit morose. But the sun came out today, I had an excellent productive meeting, and I have filled my calendar this week with exciting networking opportunities and caregiving. I’mContinue reading “Motivation for Monday”

Send A Card & Share Your Healthcare Heart

Yesterday was National Send a Card to a Friend Day so I assembled some packages I’ve been meaning to send out. Also, The Heart of Hospice Organization is encouraging us to send a message to three healthcare workers this week for Valentine’s Day. Send an email, text or note to people you know who haveContinue reading “Send A Card & Share Your Healthcare Heart”

What Are You Afraid Of?

Tomorrow is designated as Talk About It Day here in the US. It’s a day designated to remind us all of the importance of mental health and to remove the stigma of seeking help for our mental wellness. Good mental health, our peace of mind, is a huge part of living a more fulfilling lifeContinue reading “What Are You Afraid Of?”

Minding my mindfulness

I was so optimistic about so many things for 2021, but, man, has it gotten off to a rough start. So many personal challenges in my family, so much turmoil in our country and the number of deaths and illnesses from an ongoing pandemic have surpassed the levels reached nine – 10 months ago. We’reContinue reading “Minding my mindfulness”

Old photos and new grief

Lots of feelings and grief have been nudging, bumping and sneaking around me this month. My dad is moving and our relationship has changed dramatically in the past several months. Losing a powerful force like my mom left a empty place in our family that changed all our relationships and dynamics. You end up grievingContinue reading “Old photos and new grief”

Common Hospice Myths

Departure doulas cannot provide medical help to clients. In fact, we cannot even give medications, including over the counter, to clients. For this reason, it is important that clients and families have access to medical care and medications for symptom and pain management at end of life. Hospice provides this care. This medical care hasContinue reading “Common Hospice Myths”

Memorial Day, Legacies and Forgiveness

The emotional, mental and spiritual pain that infests so many of our veterans who come home and spend their days trying to escape it can be most easily defined as guilt – for things they have had to do or for surviving when so many others did not. Going back to address that wound is scary and incredibly difficult.

Music, Mortality and Mixtapes

As the mourners took their seats in preparation for spoken eulogies from his stepson and a minister, they heard playing from the speakers over their heads the boisterous sound of The Lone Ranger theme song. What should have been a moment for quiet reflection was interrupted by the sound of giggling and surprise. My husbandContinue reading “Music, Mortality and Mixtapes”