Media Monday: Highlighting part of the American Jobs Plan & it’s time to start watching TV with me

The American Jobs Plan addresses some important health care inequities for our aging and disabled community and the people who care for them, overwhelmingly women of color

Media Monday: Want to watch along with me?

I’m a pop culture nerd. I love television and movies and while podcasts have begun to fill my time with more regularity, I still probably spend more time watching television than I should. Since becoming a departure doula, however, I’m beginning to view television and movies and most popular culture from a new perspective. ThereContinue reading “Media Monday: Want to watch along with me?”

Media Monday: What does mass media tell us about death?

This winter I’ve been studying thanatology (study of death and dying and how we deal with it socially, psychologically and through arts and humanities) with a text I bought myself for Christmas. One of the first issues brought up in the text is how society, namely media and the arts makes us think about andContinue reading “Media Monday: What does mass media tell us about death?”

Media Monday: Chadwick Boseman

Chadwick Boseman died this weekend. He was 43 and died of colon cancer. His diagnosis was kept confidential between his closest family and friends, meaning he showed incredible determination and strength working to make moving art with pain and grace. This article in the USA Today is a timely reminder about the uptick of colonContinue reading “Media Monday: Chadwick Boseman”

Media Monday: Last responders in Vanity Fair

For Media Monday: A friend shared this article last week, and I’m not sure how I missed it earlier. Mass death and the effects it has on last responders is an issue I’ve long been interested in. This article mentions 9/11 because it is focused on New York during the height of the pandemic, butContinue reading “Media Monday: Last responders in Vanity Fair”