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Grief impacts ALL of you

Society incorrectly believes that grief is an emotion. Instead, grief itself is something you experience, which means you “feel” all kinds of emotions as you live it. Grieving impacts your body, mind and spirit as much as any other part of life you experience: vacations, job searches, marriages, divorces, school, and on and on. What are some ways the grief experience affects your physical body, and what can you do to mitigate some of those issues? Let’s talk about that.


National Grief-in-Public Day is ultimately a day for awareness to be raised about our global grief crisis. By creating grief-accepting spaces in public, we begin to change the cultural narrative about where grief expression is acceptable.

National Cuddle Up Day

Baby, it’s cold outside. Today’s National Cuddle Up Day. So who are cuddling? Who do you wish you cuddle with today?

Start Laughing this year

Start feeling better in the new year with Laughing Yoga. First Session of the new year is tonight at 7:30 Eastern. Also, every Saturday morning at 10:30 AM Eastern.


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About Me

T. Michelle Churchman, MIS, is owner and practitioner at Shoji Bridge Departure Doula. She has a bachelor of arts in communication and a masters in interdisciplinary studies. She has decades of healthcare support experience where she gained valuable insight and experience in listening and in addressing patient fears and uncertainty. A cancer diagnosis when she was young helped Michelle develop a healthy view of death and dying, and attending her mother’s death led to her current passion for supporting people who are dying, for educating and advocating for death preparedness and death positivity. Michelle is a certified Doulagivers Specialist; a care consultant, elder care doula, departure end of life doula and certified laughter yoga/exercise leader. She is a member of the National End of Life Doula Alliance and a hospice volunteer.

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