Laughter yoga is self-care

Laughter yoga combines deep, controlled breathing with simple stretches, childlike-playfulness, and self-simulated laughter.

Lower inhibitions/greater self-confidence

More positive outlook

Improved cardiovascular health, lung capacity and abdominal tone

Improved digestive system

Reduced stress

Boosted immune system

Better navigation of stressful or difficult situations

Start your laughter yoga practice with Shoji Bridge. Free Zoom classes two times a week starting August 4.

Published by MKChurchman

Certified Care Consultant and End of Life Doula Specialist. I offer assistance with end of life planning, elder care, end of life and after death care through my practice Shoji Bridge Departure Doula. My passion is to bring death into the light and inspire my community to be more comfortable with and compassionate to people who are dying. My mission is to be a guide to help people pass through the final barrier on this plane of existence and move gently onto the path to the next.

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